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Business: Dohnut Farms LLC

Phone: 8187242262


Location: Online Only

About us:

Dohnut Farms is a underground brand representing Los Angeles.

Our goal is to open a Cannabis Dispensary and Grow House. We would be honored to have the privilege to serve both medical cannabis to those in need of it and recreational cannabis to responsible recreational users of legal age. Until then we strive to bring you the best products and services around the world at a great deal. 


Before Dohnut Farms LLC:

1997 Duncan Villacis is born. Duncan is the founder of Dohnut Farms LLC and and is born in Los Angeles, California

Duncan is from a migrant family coming from Ecuador to Los Angeles.

2014 Duncan seen everything Los Angeles has to offer and during 2014 he joined a group in high school, a group from the furthest reaches of the underground. Seeing the variety of different backgrounds, hustles and cultures they all had to offer was truly inspirational for him and all together formed a great team. 

2015 We attended many skate an long boarding events growing our passion for the underground community

2016 One thing the group all had in common, was cannabis.. in California, cannabis legalized in 2016. That is where the dream of dispensaries and grow houses come from. 

2017 We attended many cannabis events furthering our involvement in the underground community

2018 We participated in paintball events where there is a strong underground community at every event you go to

2019 During Covid-19 we saw many opportunities and jobs diminish and decided to do something about it. Something different... Thus Dohnut Farms was born and Duncan Villacis came up with our name and logo.  We printed shirts, beanies, and stickers and started selling at pop up events and vending stands.

2020 We participated in community affairs like rescuing animals and pushing legalization of cannabis. We participated in many different club events and shows

 2021 We worked with models and photographers and had some of our famously well know photoshoots in Texas.

Dohnut Farms LLC:

2022 Seeing our "in-person" success, we decided to go online and register domain and officially filed Dohnut Farms LLC.

Now in 2023, We have partnerships with warehouses across the world to bring you the best top quality products sourced from top manufacturers around the world. We are also excited to expand our content creation on youtube, twitch, instagram and Facebook. Finally we have a new affiliate program so everybody can get involved in Dohnut Farms and make some money helping us grow.

Dohnut Farms LLC Future:

We look forward to a bright future with Dohnut Farms and have no plans on shutting down anytime soon. We hope to see you involved in one way or another so we can push for a better lifestyle together.

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